Inline V/S Block Level Element

What is Element?

  1. An element is the combination of opening tag, closing tag and text between the opening and closing tag.
  2. The following figure helps you to understand, what is an element?
Element in Html

Types of Element in HTML

  1. Block level elements
  2. Inline elements

Block level Element

  1. Block Level elements are those which always starts from a new line.
  2. Examples of block level elements
    1. All Headings (h1,  h2,  h3,  h4, h5, h6)
    2. Paragraphs
    3. Lists

Inline Element

  1. Inline elements are those, which don’t change the line automatically.
  2. Examples of inline element
    1. Bold (<b>Bold</b>)
    2. Italic (<i>Italic</i>) 
    3. Underline (<i>Underline</i>)
    4. Links (<a>Links</a>)

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