Boolean in go lang

Boolean (named on gorge bool) is a special 1 bit value which represents true or false.
  1. In Go lang, true and false are two reserved literals which represent Boolean values.
  2. Like some other programming language C, C++, go doesn't allow 1 at the place of true and 0 at the place of 0.
  3. Boolean values can be combined with logical operators. List of the logical operators is given below.
&& AND
|| OR

Logical operators

  1. && (AND) and || (OR) operators are used to combine two or more Boolean values/expressions.
  2. ! (Not) operator also called negation, just reverse the Boolean values.
    1. !true results false
    2. !false results true
  3. && (AND) operator returns true if all the conditions are true.
  4. || (OR) operator returns true if any one condition is true.
  5. The outcome of the combination will be based on the following truth table.

Truth table for && (AND) and || (OR) operator

C1 C2 C1 && C2 C1 || C2
false false false false
false true false true
true false false true
true true true true


func main() { 
                 fmt.Println(true && true) 
                 fmt.Println(true && false) 
                 fmt.Println(true || true) 
                 fmt.Println(true || false) 




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