Types of programming languages

Computer programming language can be classfied into two broad categories as follows:
  1. Machine oriented Langauge
    1. Binary Language/Machine Language
    2. Assembly Language
  2. Problem Oriented Language

Machine Oriented Language

In the machine oriented langauage the programm is written in the form in which machine can understand.Machine language are also known as low level language.

These language provides the better machine efficiency and fast execution of the program.

Machine oriented language again classified into two categories as follows:

Binary Language/Machine Language

As the name suggests in the binary language only two entity 0/1 (zero/one) are allowed. Where 0 and 1 can be understood in many ways by the computer.

As a computer is a digital machine consists of billions of transistors which can be thought like an electronic switch and have two states on/off. The 0 represent the off or false whereas 1 represent the on/true.

Assembly Language

Because of the complexity of machine language, A new language is invented in which you can perform some useful task by using the predefined commands or instruction.

For example to perform addition, Command is ADD, same as for subtraction SUB etc.

Problem Oriented Language

In this type of language we need to focus on the solution of the problem.

These are more effiecient than machine language because the program is written in the general language english.These languages are also known as high level language.

Where C Stands

C provides the facility of high level programming as well as the low level programming also.

So C is known as Middle level language.

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