Why C language used

Influences C Programming Language

The question is very simple before learning the C. That is why we learn C?
  1. C is very simple, small and fast.
  2. C is a programming language which has only 32 words with them you can build your own programming code.
  3. Compare to other programming languages the c program executes very fast.
  4. The most popular languages derived from C Programming such as C++, Java, C#(C sharp), PHP, Objective-C, Go lang, Python and many more. So if you want to learn those languages the C provide the basic foundation.
  5. The most popular operating systems such as Windows, Unix, Linux build with C.
  6. So sometimes people say that C is very old and now it is not used. Then I have to say, it is not the truth.
  7. Gaming environments are also written in C. More correctly we can say it has an indirect relationship with C.
  8. C programming offers better interaction with hardware.
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