About us

IdiotsDiary starts with a youtube channel with the thought of start online learning platform. This platform is specially design tutorial for web development, software development and real time industry projects tutorial.

IdiotsDiary is working in the field of computer science and built various web project successfully and already trained thousands of students offline. Now we comes to online platform for those reader who want to learn online from their own pace with the comfort of their drawing rooms.

We specially design programming tutorial in textual and video formats that helps it students to learn new technology in depth.

Textual platform also helps people to find interview based questions and their solutions simultaneously that is much difficult to find by exploring thousands of websites and hundreds of books.

With this platform, we try to provide a solution for those people who are searching for new problems of computer programming, learn algorithm, curious about new technology, search for the complete in depth tutorial, online project tutorial in various languages like php, java, database, javascript, jquery and many more. 

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