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Functions in C Language

Function is a group of statements which perfoms an specific task.We have used many functions such as printf(),scanf() and many more while developing a program. The purpose of a function can be understood by the example of printf(). Whenever you want to print anything on the output screen you use the printf() function. Actually to send the output on the screen is a difficult task and a program of multiple statements is need to write but fortunately, this is already done by Dennis Ritchie. So you can print anything by using a single line.Types of functionIn c various function are already created such as printf(),scanf(),sqrt(),pow() etc.These are known as predefined function or library function.C also provide the facility to create your own function. The functions created by the programmer are known as user defined function.Every function is followed by a pair of parenthesis(). While working with a function, some input needs to be supplied to the function. The input is given by writing …

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