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Headings in HTML

How to create HeadingsThere are 6 tags available in HTML to create the heading.ElementOutput<h1>Level-1 Heading</h1> Level-1 Heading<h2>Level-2 Heading</h2> Level-2 Heading<h3>Level-3 Heading</h3> Level-3 Heading<h4>Level-4 Heading</h4> Level-4 Heading<h5>Level-5 Heading</h5> Level-5 Heading<h6>Level-6 Heading</h6> Level-6 Heading Attributes of Headingalign attribute can be used with all heading to align heading text left/ right/ center / justify. align = "left"align = "right"align = "center"align = "justify" Understanding Heading MAPHeading are parsed by browser in a heading map.Heading map is similar to the index shown at the beginning of any book.Heading map plays an important role in SEO so always be careful while creating the heading map.To Check that heading map of your HTML page, there is a various tool available. For example Html5 outliner in google chrome. Heading m…

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